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On 11/11/2011, Peter delivered a keynote address at a conference in Thessaloniki.
His basic premise was that nation branding is more about people, and less about place.
Less about what people do and more about why they do it.
Rebranding Greece is about rebranding Greeks.

My central point was this - brand “Greece” does not have a problem.
On the contrary.
It’s an extremely attractive brand.
The problem is the Greeks.

The current crisis in Greece is a financial crisis.
But at the root of every financial crisis is a social crisis.
In the case of Greece, an identity crisis.
A crisis of confidence.
A future crisis.
A Greek crisis.

Rebranding Greece is about rebranding Greeks.
Based on a shared belief and values system.
An inspiring narrative encouraging new behaviour.

Peter subsequently delivered similarly themed addresses to audiences in Athens, Melbourne, Sydney, London, New York, Chicago, Washington, Los Angeles, Johannesburg, Dublin and Reykjavik.

This speech has received extensive global media coverage and has been used as course material at a number of leading universities around the world.

A few moths later, in March 2012, he delivered a talk at a Google Travel Conference in Athens.

About the need for Greeks to create their way out of the crisis.
About one of the most inhibiting expressions in the Greek language.

Δεν γίνεται.
It can’t be done.
We need to get rid of the “δεν” and stay with …
It can be done.

This talk went viral on social media.
It became a rallying cry for a new generation of Greeks, determined to create a new Greece.
And indeed, there are some remarkable things happening in Greece today.

Greece v2.0
In March 2018 Peter delivered a talk at the International Propeller Club of the United States, celebrating the birth of Greece v2.0. This needs to be encouraged in every way possible, to encourage a new Greece.