Felix BNI

Felix BNI is a global brand strategy consultancy. Felix BNI is entirely focused on brand strategy - connecting brands, organisations, sometimes nations with society through culture. Allowing organisations to respond with the the speed and agility that today’s environment needs, but with the alignment and consistency that long-term sustainability demands. Unleashing potential …

Felix BNI is focused on developing powerful brand strategies at the intersection of Ambition, DNA and Consumer Insight to transform management vision into reality.

I established Felix BNI in 2003.
I wanted to move away from management, back to my true passion.
To work at my craft.
To do things, rather than to manage other people doing things.

My work is entirely focused on brand strategy.
Connecting brands, organisations, sometimes nations, with society through culture.
Unleashing true potential.

Brand is culture.
Culture expresses a fundamental belief and value system, expressed in a powerful narrative that encompasses everything you do, and don’t do, say, and don’t say.
Culture builds alignment, enabling agility within consistency.
Culture calibrates the organisation to face the future.
Culture facilitates sustainable growth in the face of rapid change.

Brand is not an artificial construction.
It reflects reality.
It taps into what truly matters to people.
It is discovered at the small but elusive point where ambition, DNA and market insight intersect to create what I call the strategic sweet spot.